About Me

About Me

I started Writing to Inspire, and this website, in 2002 with the specific purpose to inspire, inform and empower writers everywhere. Since then I’ve been having a great time helping, teaching, learning and writing.

As a professional, freelance writer I’ve had a diverse range of articles, stories, columns and educational features published in countless magazines, anthologies and newspapers across the world. The ones I’m proudest of were included in: Britain’s Sunday Telegraph, Living Abroad, and Grace; America’s Chicken Soup for the Soul, Chocolate for the Woman’s Soul, and Lollipops magazine; Australia’s Nova newspaper. 
I also had an English Second Language book published by ReadyEd Publication, self-published my own books Lost Outside These Walls and I Want to Write, But Don’t Know Where to Start, and compiled, co-wrote and published three books created to support and guide people caring for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease (Stolen Moments, Caring Moments, Tips on Travelling with Dementia).

As a Writing Coach, I’ve provided individual coaching, mentoring, critiques and feedback to thousands of writers of all levels. Plus had regular television and radio segments, and regularly been invited to give talks, run courses, give interviews and facilitate workshops across the state of Western Australia.
While through Writing to Inspire, I’ve run and judged international writing competitions, provided regular writing prompts and a variety of online writing courses, and offered ongoing advice and answers to writing questions.

However, over recent years the role of Writing to Inspire has changed slightly and become more online based. Primarily because I’ve become a full-time, professional house-sitter (as well as freelance writer) and am having a great time exploring and travelling around Australia as I write and coach. For more information on our adventures house-sitting please visit www.housesittinglife.com or https://www.facebook.com/thehousesittinglife/

So, stay tuned for more updates…

Elizabeth Bezant
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