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A whole load of helpful writing information in the form of articles, videos and online courses.

So What Are You After?

All kinds of interesting and helpful information. All written to increase your writing skill.

Discover the writing tips that could truly make an instant difference to your writing.

A variety of great books by Writing to Inspire and Elizabeth Bezant.

About Us

Writing Information and Tips, once Writing to Inspire.com, is here to simply inspire, inform and empower writers everywhere.

The writing support and advice it offers has expanded and diversified over the years to offer the appropriate services and accurate information required by writers in the ever-changing world of writing.

This is why I've recently added a growing selection of online writing courses to the site. So now you can watch (and rewatch) informative classes on your computer, tablet or phone, whenever and wherever you choose. Go on, go check out the Writing to Inspire Online School - especially since all courses are currently 90% OFF ! (for an exceptionally good reason too.)
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