I Want

I Want To Write,
but don't know where to start
Elizabeth Bezant

Overflowing with the answers to many questions, 'I Want to Write, but don't know where to start', does exactly what you would hope it would - it motivates, empowers and informs. Regardless of what you hope to write and where you are in your writing journey this book will, without a doubt, show you how, and where, to start.

It covers all the questions I've been answering as I've coached, taught and advised people around the world, and brought them closer to their writing goals. So that now aspiring writers can learn in the comfort of their own homes.
'I Want to Write, but don't know where to start' comes with a variety of Bonus Pages. 

BONUS PAGE 1 - Update
BONUS PAGE 3 - Writing Prompts
If you're interested in getting a paperback copy of this book it's currently available from: 
The Bodhi Tree bookstore cafe, cnr Oxford & Scarborough Beach Rd, Mt Hawthorn. WA 
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