Monitor Glare

Monitor Glare

Monitor glare is caused by light reflecting off the computer screen. The symptoms (which can include - sore, red eyes, dry eyes, tiredness, squinting and headaches) affect some computer users more than others.

Levels of possible irritation range from mildly annoying to totally distracting. In some cases, the symptoms can be so painful that days go by before the person can use their computer again.

To lessen this problem, a variety of options can be implemented. And even if you don’t think that you are affected by monitor glare, it is still worth considering if any of these options might improve the placement of your computer monitor.
Never have any form of light directly behind or in front of your screen. If possible place your computer with the monitor at right angles to any windows, not in front of or facing the window. If you use lamps, have them placed to the side of your computer desk. Also, try to avoid having fluorescent lighting directly overhead.

Obviously the initial placing of your computer monitor is a major factor in reducing the problem. However, if you have little choice in which way you face or where the room lighting is, the suggestions below can also help.
Most computers can have their monitors tilted. Whilst having the screen at an exaggerated angle can aggravate neck problems, often only a slight tilt down, or sometimes up, can lessen monitor glare dramatically.

Adjust the brightness of your screen. All modern computers allow you to dim or brighten the monitor at the twist of a dial or the slide of a switch.

Draw the curtains. If you work in a room where the light coming through your window is causing problems, use curtains or blinds to limit the brightness.

Change the screen’s background colour to blue. I’m not sure of the logic behind this one, perhaps because when the colour is darker, the reflection is limited. All I know is that it’s a genuine solution promoted by many computer users - and it works for me.

Buy an Anti-Glare screen for your monitor. These are available from computer retailers and come in standard screen sizes. Most simply attach to the front of your monitor, providing another layer between you and your screen.

Some of these solutions might not suit your working conditions, but hopefully there is one here that will improve your office ergonomics and make using your computer more fun. After all, it doesn’t matter which of these solutions works for you, however it does matter that you find one.
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